Santa Cruz Exhibition and Workshop

The following photos are of a special presentation by Frank Chester, Bringing Balance to the Heart with Lawful Thinking, and a workshop following, that took place at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School on January 13th and 14th, 2012. See more information about the event itself below the photos.

View a video of this lecture here.

Bringing Balance to the Heart with Lawful Thinking

Recent Works by Frank Chester

What might the living forms inside us have to do with those forms
surrounding us and the thinking by which we are able to unite the two?
Join Frank Chester in an exploration of how we balance the heart
through lawful thinking. He will also present his most recent work,
including a new architectural model created in honor of the 100th
anniversary of the conception of the first Goetheanum.

Frank will be exhibiting his work and discoveries at the
Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland December 10th – 18th, 2011.
More information about this exhibition

Friday, January 13, 7pm, $12
Santa Cruz Waldorf School
2190 Empire Grade, Santa Cruz 95060 (831) 212-1947

Making a Chestahedron

Geometry of the Human Heart

Geometry with Matt Taylor & Eurythmy with Dean Pollard

The discovery of the seven sided Chestahedron has led to breakthrough findings of the true nature of the human heart.

In this half day workshop, participants will move forms in Eurythmy and make their own model of a Chestahedron to bring home.

Price: $20 for Saturday Workshop
$30 for both workshop and Friday evening lecture
Contact Daniel Bittleston for more information (831) 212-1947

Saturday, January 14, 9:30am – 12:30pm
Santa Cruz Waldorf School
2190 Empire Grade, Santa Cruz 95060 (831) 212-1947

Download the PDF flyer here.

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