The picture above shows the satin finish.The metal stand pictured above comes standard with the purchase of either Venus form.
Size: 5×6
Weight: 5lbs
Material: Silicon Bronze
Color: Bronze or Gold
Texture: Satin or Polished
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The Venus sculpture evolves from a hidden unseen movement inside the first asymmetrical inversion of the seven-sided form (Chestahedron). It forms two retrogrades which create two curves that have the property of the golden mean and there is not one straight line. Finding this shape was the first indication that the Chestahedron was related to the geometry of the human heart. The Venus shows two hearts constantly interacting with each other.

A mother’s love for her child, Mary’s love for the Christ child, a supersensible form of the Madonna and child, two hearts flowing together in love, the love of the other, the love of beauty.