Welcome and Intro

Welcome and Intro

Frank Chester is a master teacher, sculptor, and geometrician. In the year 2000 he developed an objective, lawful process using science and art wherein the invisible world could be made visible. The inspiration for this work came from his visit to Dornach, Switzerland, where he saw models of a series of seven-sided capitals in a building designed by Rudolf Steiner. As a result of this encounter, a seed was planted within him whereby he envisioned the possibility of constructing a seven-sided sculpture based on the geometry of these capitals.

Two years later he began his search for a three-dimensional, seven-sided sculpture. After much trial and error, failure after failure, and months and months of effort, he eventually discovered something, the likes of which this world has never seen before: a new geometric form with seven equal faces. In the history of mankind this geometry has never appeared on the earth before.

Even though Frank found a new geometric form, the significance of the form was unknown. (Rudolf Steiner said that “geometry was knowledge which man himself apparently produces, but its significance is completely independent of him.”) Since its discovery, Frank devoted himself to discovering the potential meanings of this form, and almost ten years of work have led him to see how it relates to the human heart, to the geometry of the Earth, to sacred architecture, and to inspiring others about the awe-inspiring connection between seemingly abstract geometries and the dynamism of life.

See also the “About” post for more information, or this informational booklet showcasing a wide variety of his work.

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