Relationship between a 5-cycle and a 7-cycle

This animation, built entirely on the basis of the geometry of the Chestahedron, demonstrates the relationship between a 5-unit cycle (yellow star) and a 7-unit cycle (blue star). The two stars begin in the same position, but when they start to rotate around their respective circles, they do not meet up again until the 5-unit cycle completes seven complete rotations, and the 7-unit cycle completes five complete rotations.

The yellow star aims outward, and represents the peripheral forces, while the blue star aims inward, representing the centric forces. The end of the animation shows how the interplay of these two forces operate in accordance with a harmonic back and forth, creating a lemniscate form.

The blue numbers count both the individual steps and the total rotations of the blue star, as do the yellow numbers for the yellow star. The white numbers in the center count only the individual total steps, showing that a 5-cycle locked to a 7-cycle creates a larger 35-cycle.

Read more about the geometry behind this animation here. You might also like to see a meditative visualization of this image here.  Click the play icon to start video.

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