Geometric Still Point Pyramid

Geometric Still Point Pyramid

New Form Technology presents a REVOLUTION in Pyramid and Meditation Technology the   Geometric “Still Point” PyramidTM

What is so unique about this Geometric “Still Point” PyramidTM?

The Geometric “Still Point” Pyramid™ is based on the geometry of the Chestahedron. This revolutionary pyramid has 7 points, 7 equal faces of equal area, and 12 edges. The pyramid has 4 triangles that open up like a flower petal blooming, with its apex forming 3 quadrilaterals or kites.

At the center point of the pyramid, what we call the “Still Point,” is a 6-pointed star or hexagram. The Geometric “Still Point” Pyramid™ seat is positioned to align your heart with this center. For thousands of years the 6-pointed star has been connected with the heart chakra. The heart chakra has twelve petals that directly relate to the twelve edges of the pyramid. The Geometric “Still Point” Pyramid™ is the only Heart Chakra Pyramid on the planet.

As one twists in the Geometric “Still Point” Pyramid™ seat, it moves right and left and
at the same time up and down. This is identical to the movement of the blood in the left
ventricle of the human heart. This movement also represents simultaneous rotation in the three axes of space, which Rudolf Steiner stated was required for the proper advancement of technology. Geometric “Still Point” Pyramid™ is an example of this advanced technology.

Please note that the GSSP is only available in the Bell configuration displayed in the above image.  Through our early beta testers it was found to be the most effective.

We have just completed construction of the NEW bell shaped Geometric Still Point Pyramid. Feedback back from those who have tried the meditation chamber include:

* A feeling of warmth and calmness, especially in the region of the heart.  A man who had undergone open heart surgery one month earlier said that he could feel his heart again for the first time since his surgery.  Here are a few testimonials and images of people enjoying the GSSP.

“I love the Geometric Still Point Pyramid with the Bell bottom. It has greatly enhanced my meditations and it is relaxing to just sit inside of it. I find it very balancing and harmonizing.”
– Dr. Dale H. Schusterman, D.C., DIBAK, Author; Sign Language of Soul
“You really have a winner here. The energy in it is GREAT. I feel a deep stillness in my heart when I sit in it”
My wife really likes it and she is usually hesitant to experience these type of things. If she sits in it for a few minutes she gets really relaxed. She likes to sit in it just before bed.”
“I feel younger! I’m 8 but I feel how I felt when I was 6.”