Lectures and Workshops

Frank has given many dynamic and inspiring lectures and workshops across the country and beyond. Frank shares both the process that he uses to explore the forms as well as the details of his discoveries. His goal is to inspire people to take up their own research, whatever it may be, and to show them that it’s never too late to begin a new adventure of discovery.

If you are interested in having Frank come and present his work or run a workshop, please contact him. See also the praise page.

Past lectures have included the following topics:

Sacred Geometry of the Human Heart

Questions that will be presented include:

  • How does sacred geometry relate to the human heart?
  • Can we learn anything about our heart structure that can be used in everyday life?
  • If the heart is not just a pump, then what is it?
  • What might be the purpose of the heart other than moving the blood?
  • Will the heart change in the future?
  • Do we have anything to do with this change?
  • How does the heart relate to a hurricane?
  • Can the heart change our thinking?

Sacred Geometry of the Earth

Questions that will be presented include:

  • Why do tornadoes follow a certain path (tornado alley)?
  • What does the Sun and the Moon have to do with the inside of the Earth?
  • Why are tectonic plates moving beyond the Equator (Pangaea)?
  • Science is only now recognizing what sacred geometry shows.
  • How can you show what the inside of the Earth looks like?
  • What does sacred geometry show about the aurora borealis?
  • Seismic studies indicate sound travels slower from Equator to Equator than from Pole to Pole. Why?
  • What does sacred geometry show about Russian and German world energy grids theories?
  • Does the Earth have a heart?
  • Is the Earth slowing down?

The Process of Transformation

Questions that will be presented include:

  • Is there a living technology connected with change?
  • What is the overall meaning of change?
  • Does change have lawful patterns?
  • How can we work with the fear of change?
  • How do we use change in our own personal issues?
  • Can change be used to reawaken a sense of mysteries in our own life?
  • How does sacred geometry relate to the human heart?

The Art of Sacred Architecture

Questions that will be presented include:

  • What is the difference between sacred and non-sacred buildings?
  • Can a building be designed that has the potential to support the development of moral forces?
  • Can nature be used in designing such a building without imitating nature?
  • is it possible to design a healing building?
  • Is there a way to test the effects a building has on a physical body?
  • What would a sacred building look like in the future?