Spirit Form

Spirit Form


It is possible to expand today’s art modernity by artistic/scientific autonomy empathic to discovering a spirit form before it manifests into a form spirit found in nature. Finding a spirit form before it becomes visible is now a lawful reality: a lawful search for the unseen. The invisible becomes visible. Not a search for the spirit hidden in nature by using either objective science (measuring) or subjective art (personal visions), but rather using both in the search for an unseen form before it becomes hidden in nature. A way of unveiling the original spiritual idea, intention, function and essences, behind the development of a natural form.

This art is a type of reversal and carries with it the possibility of freeing the artist of subjective speculations, imitations, innovations, isms, stylistic constraints, traditional and modern conventions, and the accidental and reductive elimination processes. Being free of reducing already found forms in nature to rudimentary geometric and organic abstractions. Not having any of the above restraints, it is now possible for today’s artist to be finely free of modern/contemporary subjective artistic freedom for the first time in a hundred years – freedom from artistic freedom.

If a spirit form is discovered, it is time to use nature, not by copying or abstracting natural forms, but by utilizing nature’s ways. Now the artist can apply nature’s laws of change and substantiality, which consists of finding tree-dimensional movements, vortexes, minimal surfaces, dualism, Stellations, inversions, transformations and the element of time. In this way, it is possible to find where and if the original spirit form was used by nature and for what purpose. Also, it reveals and creates new lawful forms never seen before, including the conversion of geometric forms to biomorphic configurations.

Working objectively and subjectively with what could not be seen, a groundbreaking discovery was made in the year of 2000, which the world has never seen before – a new seven sided form.

After ten years of experimenting with nature’s laws of change on this spirit form, it can now be validated as having the configurations used in the design of the human heart. From this work new insights have developed on heart functioning.

This search has been a remarkable journey towards opening gateways to revealing forces of the unseen world by tracking them lawfully through this seven-sided geometrical spirit form. Throughout the research, the combined modalities of science and art were used to come up with sculptures and accurate models, whereby the invisible world could be made visible. As an example, what does the spirit form of warmth found in the human heart look like or how do you make a working model showing muscle-layering design, which creates a reversing spiral in the heart? The process is opening up significant breakthrough questions within the fields of art, health, human development, and the harmonies within universal design and mathematical formulae.